Birdie Chesson

Creator. Artist. Author. Entrepreneur.

Personal Development Specialist, Speaker, Illustrator, Publisher, Lifestyle/Respire/Book Coach, Designer, Ghostwriter, Scriptwriter, Singer, Songwriter, Mother.

  • "I am the Bridge that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be."
  • Whether it is through her over 70 Books, Curriculum & Literary Materials...
  • Her Memberships, Courses and Services...

Self-Help is the Best Help and Self-Love is the Best Love, Birdie helps you find those answers you seek within yourself.

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Why Do You Love The Way That You Love?

TAKE OUR QUIZ at and find out if you are Heart Dominant, Mind Dominant and Pussy Dominant. Our Popular Book, "Thinking With Your..." was one of the most honest work from Birdie and now it's YOUR TURN to share your love story and help other women.

You Only Die Once, You Choose To LIVE Everyday.

If you should pass away today, your job will list your job tomorrow.

It's time to think about yourself and take your future in your own hands! The Two Weeks Notice Club is all about Entrepreneurship and Small Business ownership. Our 2-Hour Monthly Event: Mixers and Masterminds every first Friday Evening 7PM EST and First Saturday Morning 11AM.
Membership Opens Beginning in February 2023.

Doing the Inner Work is The Most Important Part of Shadow Work.

Why is my life this way? Why am I constantly going thru the same things, over and over? If you're stuck in a repeating negative spiral or cycle, It may be time for Inner Work.

We've all heard that "We Create Our Own Reality." But no one actually talks about is that it's all ingrained in us. Our Traumas are in our DNA. It affects us Consciously, Subconsciously and even deeper parts of ourselves that we don't know. This is not just about the Law of Attraction, this is about Doing the inner work. My strategies are PROVEN and inner works truly brings results BUT... YOU will only get out of this, what YOU put into it.

Join Our Homeschooling Community!

Join the FIRST Black Owned developed Social Media Website & App, based around Homeschooling community.

Network with other families about education, even exchange curriculum!

Generational Wealth Isn't Just About Money

Building legacies is also mental and emotional.

Social-Emotional Support as well as financial knowledge is needed for families to build and sustain wealth. Through stories, games and courses for real estate, we talk about creating wealth through assets and knowledge.

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Hands-On Workshops

(Up to 50 people)

Up to 50 people, Birdie will head your workshop! Subjects are: Book Writing, Shadow Work & Love & Relationships; and MORE!

Available for hire
Speaking Engagements

(51 people and up)

For Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, 1/2 Day, Full Day, 2 Days, Retreats, Hosting & Moderating

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1 on 1 Coaching

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One on One Coaching is only available in our Sisterhood Membership and our MakeMoneyAtHome.Click / Two Weeks Notice Mixers and Masterminds Group at this time.

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